About Applied Instruments

Applied Instruments designs and manufactures RF test equipment used in the Satellite and Cable Television sectors of the Telecommunications Industry. Product lines include signal measurement meters, test signal generators, RF switches and signal status monitors, Noise Power Ratio (NPR) testers, RF attenuators, and RF amplifiers.

Users of Applied Instruments' equipment include the major satellite and cable television service providers and their contractors and equipment manufacturers. Applied Instruments' equipment is primarily used for the installation and maintenance of the service providers' networks, or to ascertain performance thresholds by their equipment manufacturers. Other market segments using Applied Instruments' equipment include commercial, institutional, and military for their delivery of voice, video, and data via RF signals.

Since 1986, Applied Instruments has successfully carved out a niche by providing models that perform very specific functions, only those deemed necessary by users for specific RF test and measurement applications. Applied Instruments is focused on providing the best valued test equipment that meets or exceeds customer expectations. This is accomplished by providing high quality, easy to use equipment enabling users to do their job better, faster, and cheaper.

With a sense of urgency, and by having a human answer the telephone, Applied Instruments takes pride in providing information and technical support to customers when they need it. Applied Instruments values critical input and requests. It's what drives product development and refinement.

If you need RF test and measurement solutions, pick up the phone and call, email, or better yet come and visit Applied Instruments.

Industry Associations

Conflict Minerals

Some components utilized in the manufacturing of Applied Instruments, Inc.'s test equipment contain tin, tantulum, and gold. These metals along with tungsten are referred to as "conflict minerals" when discussed in the context of the Dodd-Frank Act.

Associated with the Dodd-Frank Act, and since May 31st 2013, Applied Instruments, Inc. is committed to purchase components that are "conflict free". That is they do not finance nor benefit armed groups from the Democratic Republic of Congo or the adjoining countries (DRC Region).

Applied Instruments encourages its suppliers to source conflict minerals from only smelters compliant with the Conflict-Free-Smelter-Program and validated by an independent private sector party to be conflict free.