Blue Bunny
Voltage Step-Up

What makes the Blue Bunny great?

Now you can align WildBlue and Telesat/Anikast/Xplornet antennas without being connected to the modem! Get your dish pointed before you have to run your modem cables and do your provisioning. This allows you to power the TRIA with your Super Buddy™ or Sat Buddy™ meter.

***NOTE 1: The Blue Bunny Voltage Step Up is only compatible with WildBlue TRIAs manufactured by UMA in Taiwan. Please refer to the tag on the bottom of your TRIA to see if it’s compatible with the Blue Bunny Voltage Step Up. If it says “Made in Taiwan by UMA”, then it is compatible. If it says “Made in Korea by Ko Space”, then it is NOT compatible.***

***NOTE 2: Applied Instruments' models Super Buddy 29 and AI Turbo S2 satellite meters, and satellite meter modules for model XR-3 feature built-in circuitry to output 29 volts to the TRIA and therefore no external voltage step-up device (i.e. model Blue Bunny) is necessary.***

Data Sheet
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