NPRT 2200-F
Forward Path NPRT 2200 Noise Power Ratio Test Set

The NPRT 2200™ measures the NPR of a device across a range of power levels.

This test quantifies intermodulation distortion and determines the dynamic range of optical transmitters, amplifiers and other active HFC network devices.

The included PC software uses predefined test setups to run a “Power Sweep” series of NPR measurements and graph the results. The measurements are compared to a threshold value to determine the acceptable operating power or dynamic range of the device. Results may be stored on the PC for further analysis and the graphs may be printed. The NPRT 2200 inserts calibrated levels of white Gaussian noise (WGN) through a Device Under Test (DUT) then measures the noise level at a frequency where a notch filter is located.

The NPR is the ratio of the output power without the notch compared to the power with the notch filter. A graph of NPR versus input power illustrates the linear dynamic range and inter-modulation distortion characteristics of the DUT.

Our NPRT 2200 performs the measurements outlined in the SCTE 119 spec, but in an easier and more automated manner. The NPRT 2200 maintains constant total power with notch in and out. And with the included NprGraph program on the PC, the measurements are automatic and the program plots out the curve and calculates the dynamic range.

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