I2C/Power Cable for the RF Cogs™ Modular Series

The RFC-CBLxx is a cable assembly made available as an accessory intended for use with the RF Cogs™ module series.

Each RF Cogs™ module is shipped with a cable that is satisfactory for use in many of the most common situations, but there are cases where a cable of a different length is called for. These accessory cables are offered to address that need.

The connectors on these cables mate with the connectors on the modules, distributing the DC power, I2C, and other signals as needed to make the modules function. Because these cable assemblies use the same connector on each end, it is impossible to connect them backwards.

In order to ensure against unintentional disconnection, the connectors automatically latch into place when inserted. They are easily released when desired by pressing a thumb-actuated button.

All of our cables are very well shielded and quite durable.

Data Sheet
Operation Manual

*Will ship within 4 weeks

Model RFC-CBL12 Control Cable, 12 inch

Model RFC-CBL36 Control Cable, 36 inch