19 inch Sub-Rack for the RF Cogs™ Modular Series

The RFC-RM is an accessory designed specifically for the RF Cogs™ module series. Up to thirteen modules can be mounted into this sub-rack. The populated sub-rack can be readily mounted to a standard 19 inch equipment rack. The sub-rack and modules together occupy a 3U high space.*

A typical system used with this sub-rack will consist of one interface module and one or more other RF Cogs™ modules. Please note that if there are not enough modules to completely fill the sub-rack, there are blank front panels of varying widths that are available to fill the gaps. Additionally, if more than thirteen modules are required for a system, multiple sub-racks can be readily employed as needed.

The stainless steel members used in this sub-rack give it strength and structural integrity that should last many years.

There are other options available for mounting the RF Cogs™ modules as well. See the individual data sheets for details.

*Please note that, in general, the cables which connect to the RF Cogs™ modules will extend above and below the 3U space occupied by this sub-rack. Depending on the application, it may be desirable to add 19 inch filler plates to the rack.

Data Sheet
Operation Manual

*Will ship within 4 weeks

Model RFC-RM
Rack Mount Cage
3RU height, 13 module spaces width


Model RFC-BP1
Blank filler panel
3RU height, single module width


Model RFC-BP5
Blank filler panel
3RU height, five modules width