RF Cogs™ Flexible RF Modular Series

The RF Cogs™ family of products is a collection of high performance, low cost RF modules intended for a variety of system integration applications.

• Simple to integrate, in a rack mount panel or separate modules

• Simple to control, via USB or RS232 interface

• Superior RF performance

• Low cost

Modules are usually connected by daisy-chained control cables headed by a USB interface module. The USB interface module provides a single point for controlling all modules from a PC via a simple serial interface and command set (USB or RS232).

For rack-mount applications, a 3RU cage is available for mounting selected modules and blank panels are available for completing the bay. Additional vertical space may be required in the rear for cabling.

Alternatively, you may mount the modules individually in locations designed to minimize the RF cabling. Control and power are distributed from an interface module to the RF modules on the same cable in daisy-chain fashion.

For embedded OEM applications, the USB interface may be omitted and control provided by an I2C interface. A simple adapter board is available for connection to the host processor and DC power.

Interfacing to a computer is simple: just connect a standard USB or RS232 cable. You can use a terminal emulation program such as Hyperterm to send commands or use your own software.

Data Sheet
Operation Manual

*Will ship within 4 weeks

Model RFC-INTF Interface Module

Rack Mount Cage, 3RU height, 13 module spaces width

Rack-Mount Blank panel, 3RU height, single module width

Rack-Mount Blank panel, 3RU height, five modules width

Control cable, 12 inch

Control cable, 36 inch