Interface and Power Supply for the RF Cogs™ Modular Series

The RFC-INTF provides an interface and power supply for the RF Cogs series of RF modules. While the user can control these modules by direct communication via an I2C bus, the RFC-INTF is designed to provide control of up to 8 or more such modules directly from a PC. In addition, it provides the DC power required by each. Connection from the PC to the Interface Module is accomplished using either a USB or RS-232 interface. The unit facilitates controlling the RF modules by translating simple text commands that it receives into the I2C signals that the various RF modules require. Note that each controlled module is individually addressable and can be used alone or with additional RF modules of various kinds to make up the system that you require. RF modules are available to perform a number of functions, such as switching, programmable attenuation, or gain.

The I2C signals and DC power are distributed from the RFC-INTF to the modules by latching multi-conductor patch cables. The modules are simply daisy-chained together from one module to the next.

The modules in this series can be mounted flat to a base plate or vertically into an optional 3U sub-rack (standard 19 in. rack) along with the interface module and other modules.

Data Sheet
Operation Manual

*Will ship within 4 weeks

Model RFC-INTF Interface Module

Rack Mount Cage, 3RU height, 13 module spaces width

Rack-Mount Blank panel, 3RU height, single module width

Rack-Mount Blank panel, 3RU height, five modules width

Control cable, 12 inch

Control cable, 36 inch