SP4T Relay RF Switch Module for the RF Cogs™ Modular Series

The RFC-SW41 uses highly reliable RF relays to implement a 4 x 1 multiplexer function. It connects a common 75 Ohm RF port to one of four other 75 Ohm ports. The desired port is selected via signals sent to the module over an I2C bus. Each module is individually addressable and can be used alone or with additional switch modules. It can also be used with other modules in this family which provide other functions like programmable attenuation or amplification.

This device has excellent high- frequency RF characteristics, providing very low insertion loss and excellent isolation. The latching-type relays employed use a minimum of DC power as contrasted with those that require power to maintain their state.

The I2C signals and DC power connections are made thru a multi-pin connector. There is a second connector wired in parallel with the first which allows all of the modules to be daisy-chained together from one module to the next.

The RF connectors used on the RFC-SW41 switch module are F-type connectors, widely used in cable TV and video applications.

The modules in this series can be mounted flat to a base plate or vertically into an optional 3U sub-rack (standard 19 in. rack) along with the controller and other modules.

Data Sheet
Operation Manual

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Model RFC-SW41 RF Switch Module

Rack Mount Cage, 3RU height, 13 module spaces width

Rack-Mount Blank panel, 3RU height, single module width

Rack-Mount Blank panel, 3RU height, five modules width

Control cable, 12 inch

Control cable, 36 inch